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Motorcycle Accident Attorney Discusses Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Any motorcycle accident attorney will tell you that motorcycle accidents occur because people pull out into traffic after looking for other cars and trucks, but did not see the approaching motorcyclist because they were not looking for him.

“I did not see him,” however, is not a defense to a claim brought against the driver for the injuries the motorcyclist sustained in the collision. Even if they did not see the motorcycle, the collision is still the fault of the driver of the car. The law requires drivers of car and trucks to keep a careful lookout, not just for other cars and drivers, but also for motorcycles. When they do not keep a careful lookout, and as a result injure a motorcyclist, their car insurance company is legally required to pay for the motorcyclist’s resulting medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

As a motorcycle accident attorney, I can tell you that the car driver’s insurance company will resist paying a fair amount for your motorcycle accident injuries. Insurance companies know that a jury, who will ultimately decide how much money to allow, might tempt to blame you as much as the driver of the car because “you were riding a motorcycle, and motorcycles are not safe.” An experienced motorcycle accident attorney should be able to explain to a jury that motorcycles are safe, when the safety rules are followed. These rules include keeping a careful lookout for motorcyclists. Unfortunately for you, the driver of the car broke those safety rules by not looking for motorcyclists. Your injuries are their fault, not yours. And the law requires them to pay for your injuries.

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