$400,000.00 Settlement

Young girl struck in the leg by car that rolled off trailer while being pulled down Missouri highway. $400,000.00 represented the total amount of insurance available under all policies for all vehicles and trailers involved in the crash. The only offer made to the clients before they were represented was $50,000.00.

$115,000.00 Settlement

Fractured leg from falling on untreated ice in Hardee’s parking lot. The insurance company for Hardee’s originally denied the claim.

$100,000.00 Settlement

Husband and wife ran off the road by unsafe driver outside of Clinton, Oklahoma. $100,000.00 was the full policy limit of uninsured motorist coverage available.

$78,000.00 Settlement

A Joplin, Missouri driver was traveling too fast in the rain, at night, and slid through a solid red light causing a t-bone car accident. Our client, a local high school athlete, was riding in the backseat of the vehicle and suffered a broken wrist in the car accident. The wrist required surgery to repair, but the client made a full recovery and was cleared for full contact sports by his doctors only a couple months after the surgery. The case settled for $78,000.00, which was more than three times the amount paid to satisfy our client’s medical bills. The offer made to the client before his parents hired Austin Bradley Law Office was $28,000.00.

$50,000.00 Settlement

Goodman, Missouri woman suffered neck strain and disk injuries after a driver in Neosho, Missouri ran a red light and t-boned her. $50,000.00 was the full policy limit of insurance available.

$50,000.00 Settlement

Texting driver ran a red light and t-boned the car our client was riding in. Our client and her husband were able to drive away from the scene, however, the client developed soreness in her back the day after the accident. Three months later she saw an orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed her with compression fractures. The insurance company denied the driver ever ran the red light, denied the compression fractures existed, and denied the car crash caused any injuries to our client. After several months of litigation, the case settled for $50,000.00, which was approximately five times our client’s medical bills.

Five Figure Settlement

Trip and fall on unsafe deck stairs which violated Joplin City Code resulted in broken ankle. The insurance company originally denied the claim when the client was unrepresented.

$40,000.00 Settlement

Mother and daughter rear-ended by texting driver suffered soft tissue injuries.

$30,000.00 Settlement

Married couple was injured by a hit-and-run motorist while on the job. Their car insurance originally denied coverage because all the medical bills were paid through worker’s compensation. After suit was filed, the insurance company paid an additional $30,000.00.

$30,000.00 Settlement

Joplin, Missouri woman was t-boned in a car accident when a driver ran a red light in downtown Joplin. The woman suffered a fractured finger and developed soreness in her back, hips, and knee. $30,000.00 was the full policy limit of the at-fault driver’s insurance.

$26,500.00 Settlement

Neosho, Missouri woman struck from behind by a truck while attempting to make a left-hand turn off of 60 Highway just west of Neosho. The woman suffered a neck and back strain and a minor injury to her head.

$20,000.00 Settlement

Driver suffered neck strain when oncoming vehicle travelled into her lane and forced her into a ditch.

Settlement at 20X Medical Bills

Postal worker attacked by homeowner’s dog while on postal route.