Month: May 2015

Should You Hire an Attorney After an Injury?

There is a misconception that people who hire an attorney after an injury are motivated by money. Most times money is far down on the list. Instead, what people want most is answers. They want to make sense of what happened to them. They also want those responsible for causing their injury to be held accountable. People want to effect change and make sure whatever happened to them does not happen to somebody else.

A good personal injury attorney conducts an investigation to discover exactly what led to your injury and takes steps to prevent those responsible from hurting others. Many personal injury settlements include an agreement whereby the at-fault company must change its policies and procedures to correct the danger that caused the injury.

When money is at issue, it is not that someone is trying to get rich. Seriously injured people have thousands of dollars in medical bills, they have missed time from work, and many need to pay for future medical treatment. Insurance companies usually do not offer unrepresented folks a fair settlement. They know that person can’t successfully try their own case in court and therefore will not pay them a fair amount for their injuries.

Insurance industry statistics demonstrate that hiring any attorney is often necessary to receive fair compensation after an injury. According to an article published by the Insurance Research Council, injured victims who hire an attorney after a car wreck on average receive settlements that are 3.5 times greater than unrepresented victims. Auto Injuries: Claim Behaving and its Impact on Insurance Cost.

People also hire an attorney for peace of mind. They want to make sure that their claim is handled by a professional. They also want to be able to focus on getting better while letting the attorney deal with the insurance company and the court system.