Month: November 2015

Insurance Coverage for Dog Attacks

Insurance Coverage for Dog Attacks

Many people do not realize that most homeowners and renters insurance policies provide coverage for dog attacks. Unfortunately, for victims of dog attacks, this means they often do not pursue an insurance claim and end up getting saddled with large medical bills. They also do not get reimbursed for their lost wages or for their pain and suffering.

Most dog attacks occur in or around the home of the owner of the dog. Naturally, the people most likely to be attacked by the dog are the friends, family members, and neighbors of the dog owner. Even though dog attacks frequently result in severe injuries which require extensive medical attention, the victims of the attack end up suffering in silence because they think the only alternative is to seek compensation personally from the owner of the dog.

The good news, for many of these victims, is that if the dog’s owner has homeowners or renters insurance, there is likely insurance coverage available to compensate the victim. An attorney who represents dog bites victims should be able to discover whether the owner has any insurance. If there is insurance, the attorney will be able help you navigate the claims process and make sure you receive full compensation for your injuries from the insurance company.

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